Go for the best & quot; EVASION" with our Cabaret Moderne show !

Modern Cabaret Show

“EVASION” » invites you to travel and change of scenery through the most various types of modern Cabaret and Music-halls, from the Paris Folies to Broadway, and the different styles of exotic and colourful dances. A show thought of to make your public dreaming, a true cocktail of beauty and elegancy, of choreographies, melodies, songs and percussions, of artistic and acrobatic talent, of costumes with their feathers and glittering to still show up more their events !!!

A team of professional artists: dancers, acrobats, musicians, singers, sensual and rhythmic choreographies, shiny costumes, catchy music and ballad sung together with the public…. The typical mystery of the Eastern dances, the Tahiti wahines, the sensuality of the argentinian tango, the eternal “Parisian” vie en rose, the joy and frenzy of the Cuban dances, the passion of the Spanish paso-doble, the unleashed rhythm of the Brazilian samba, the energy of the Colombian salsa and the casualness of the Broadway style musical, Piaff, Aznavour or Frank Sinatra, sang and danced, and even the Sway immortalized by Dean Martin, will be present at the encounter of the world most famous cabarets to marvel your public with our fabulous international musical show. A mixture of musical styles which will take your spectators onto other worlds !

Possible attractions = Actor, Transformers, Magician, Airing Acrobat, Pole Dance, Saxo or Percussion Musician.

Duration: 1h to 1h30 (Can be adjusted on request)

Number of Artists: 2 to 16 artists (dancers, acrobats, musicians and singers)

Technics: Sound and lights (when requested)

For enterprise committees, casinos, local festivities committees, social activities committees, cities councils, tourist offices and commercial services, we also take part in public events, private evenings, themes evenings, diner-shows, cultural programmes, concerts, festivals, congresses, among others.

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