Carnival Parades

We invite you to discover our different Latin and Brazilian Carnival Parades with all the energy, the sensuality and the musicality of our ““comparsas”” for your event. Our Carnival Parades, Strolling and Street Shows full of grace and rhythm, are all inspired in the exoticism of south-american cultures and are magnificent stagings with the most beautiful and original costumes, which are made in South America and dressed by beautiful dancers.

Our “comparsa” is animated by percussionist musicians or a “disguised” sono carnival “float” with its speakers and technical sophistications, which inundate with joy and rhythm every event. A marvellous street show presented at several celebrations of South of France cities, such as the one of “Monaco Festive City”, the Creole and Caribbean Festival at Antibes, the Juan Les Pins Clearance Sale and the parades of Castellane and the city of Draguignan. We also take part at the NICE CARNIVAL where our Company has been selected for the third year by the Nice Tourism Office, owing to its artistic level and the beauty of its costumes.

Allow the pace and rhythm of energetic dances such as the Samba, Salsa, Merengue and Chachacha to inspire you! A high quality and colourful fantastic show, will take you to a journey at the heart of South America, meeting beauty and exoticism . Go and join the magnificent Rio Carnival, a festival of feathers, Come and vibrate over the hellish rhythms of our Carnival Parade with our beautiful artists, so that moment remains forever for our public, as an, unforgettable feast. A team of professional artists, inebriating choreographies, exotic costumes, catchy music….. A journey which will change completely your scenery !!!

The Company « Corps et Danse » proposes you a Carnival “comparsa” which represents the different South American and Caribbean countries, such as Cuba, Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela, with magnificent and great coloured costumes. The dancers can follow your float or present their own parade. The group also can adapt itself to a peculiar thematic.

We want to offer you also, notre nouvelle comparse carnavalesque “SHIVA DANCE” sur le thème de “BOLLYWOOD”, the same way we l & rsquo; have presented to the city of Menton during his LEMON FESTIVAL 2018, to & rsquo; occasion of its 85th Anniversary. Let yourself be carried by the virtuosity, l & rsquo; elegance, l & rsquo; exotic and colorful palette that original dance of the & rsquo; India. Our team of dancers transport you to the city of Mumbai for your enjoyment, to meet the beauty of the costumes and headdresses decorated with precious stones, and the & rsquo; extraordinary glamor of modern Indian dances inspired by the & rsquo; former Bharatanatyam, Kathak and the & rsquo; Odissi, among the traditional dances of this wonderful country. Nous vous invitons à vivre le rêve Bollywoodien avec notre “comparsa” carnavalesque “SHIVA DANCE” !

Duration: 1h to 2h (can be adjusted upon request)

Number of Artists: 2 to 20 artists (dancers, acrobats and musicians)

Technics: Disguised Carnival sono float (upon request)

For enterprise committees, casinos, local festivities committees, social activities committees, cities councils, tourist offices and commercial services, we also take part in public events, private evenings, themes evenings, diner-shows, cultural programmes, concerts, festivals, congresses, among others.