Christmas Show (Children and Adults Public)

The Company “Corps et Danse ” invites you to discover the most beautiful Christmas show : THE BEST GIFT.

We propose you a show with dancers, actors, singers and acrobats, all of them professional artists. An appropriate staging for a young and adult public, at the same time, with a mixture of dance, theatre, acrobatics, music and songs, for the greatest pleasure of the spectators who will also admire the most beautiful costumes conceived for that magnificent show, and dressed by beautiful dancers. “The best gift” is a dancing show which central subject the are the adventures of an intrepid elf, who decided he would “the best gift in the world” going to the furthest places the over the earth. A real love, peace, joy and, sharing , message !

Duration: 1h to 1h30 (Can be adjusted on request)

Number of Artists: 2 to 10 artists (dancers, actors, acrobats, musicians and singers)

Technics: Sound and lights (when requested)

For enterprise committees, casinos, local festivities committees, social activities committees, cities councils, tourist offices and commercial services, we also take part in public events, private evenings, themes evenings, diner-shows, cultural programmes, concerts, festivals, congresses, among others.

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