Modern Cabaret Show

Un spectacle époustouflant de cabaret moderne qui vous submergera dans la beauté et l’exotisme d’un univers plein de mystère ! Évadez-vous dans les parages les plus lointains et spectaculaires et vivez une expérience magique et fascinante, a dazzling dive into a tide of elegance that will leave you breathless ...

Glamorous and mysterious creatures will emerge from all corners of the earth to inspire you to discover the enigma of the cabaret MYSTIKO !!!

Possible attractions = Actor, Transformers, Magician, aerialist, Pole Dance, Saxo or Percussion Musician.

Duration: 1h to 1h30 (Can be adjusted on request)

Number of Artists: 2 to 16 artists (dancers, acrobats, musicians and singers)

Technics: Sound and lights (when requested)

For enterprise committees, casinos, local festivities committees, social activities committees, cities councils, tourist offices and commercial services, we also take part in public events, private evenings, themes evenings, diner-shows, cultural programmes, concerts, festivals, congresses, among others.

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