A Journey to the heart of Colombia

It is for us an honour to present you our creation « TRACES » : A choreographic play which illustrates the folkloric Colombian culture through modern dance, interpreted by professional dancers.

This high quality show, rich in colours, will make you travel to the heart of Colombia, where you will find all the human warmth and the joy of the culture of that beautiful country. You will admire there magnificent and , colourful costumes, made directly in Cali (Colombie).

The show « TRACES » is a true originality in the dance landscape in France and illustrates perfectly the success of cultural cross-breeding and of the discovery of the other.

« TRACES » main thematic is the idea to make travel the spectator to the heart of Colombia, a country rich in culture, colour and joy of life, and to have him discover the history of the Hispanic colonisation over Latin American Territory.

You’ll find in our show, the different ethnic Latin-American influences (European, particularly Hispanic, Afro-American and indigenous…), as well as a mixture of Colombian folkloric dance and modern dance. This original creation , makes you discover Colombia, through the diversity of her folklore, fruit of the cross-breeding between the autochthonous cultures and the ones imported by the colons, admiring at the same time a people ability to recreate his history out of Art.

« TRACES » represents a magical show which takes you to the heart of Colombia on her history’s traces: a journey that you cannot miss nor allow that your dear public should miss it !

Duration: 1h to 1h30 (Can be adjusted on request)

Number of Artists: 2 to 12 artists (dancers, acrobats, musicians and singers)

Technics: Sound and lights (when requested)

theatres, festivals, congresses, prestations promotionnelles et professionnelles, for your customers or workers, ou encore pour les événements de votre comité d’entreprise, comité des fêtes, for a village fair, a Christmas show, evening themes or for a particular event, among others, etc.

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